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Tolterodine generic. The combination of divalent cysteine and thyrotropin is also known as TOLTERODINE. It works by lowering the serum thyroid levels to a healthy range. It is approved by the FDA for management of hypothyroidism. This type medication is not prescribed for primary hypothyroidism. How do T4 thyroid hormone replacement works? Thyroid hormones are made in a part of the body called pituitary (also known as the hypothalamus). Thyroid hormone plays an important role in the regulation of energy metabolism as well in the hormone secretion of generic for tolterodine adrenal and pituitary glands. Most of the daily metabolism thyroid hormones happens in the cells lining small gland found in the upper left side of your throat which is known as your parotid gland. Most of the thyroid hormones are manufactured as T4 by the thyroid gland itself but some make their way into the blood plasma as T3 for short. The thyroid hormone is responsible for the production of